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    Proteomics is a large-scale study of proteins in a certain organism. Depending on specific research objective, there are many analytical techniques for proteomics study. To better meet our clients’ needs, MtoZ Biolabs is proud to offer 5 quantitative proteomics service, including Label-free, iTRAQ/TMT, SILAC, MRM, and SWATH. We also provide custom proteomics service for specific project. You are welcome to contact us for more detailed information on project design and sample requirements.


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    MtoZ Biolabs provides label-free proteomics service, featured by label-free property and scalable application for analyzing multiple samples at once.

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    MtoZ Biolabs offers an all-inclusive iTRAQ/TMT proteomics service package, including in vitro isobaric labeling and LC-MS/MS analysis. This service is suitable for relative quantification analysis of up to 10 samples.

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    MtoZ Biolabs offers a complete set of SILAC/Dimethyl quantitative proteomics service, including in vivo metabolic labeling and LC-MS/MS analysis. This service is suitable for comparison of 2-3 samples.

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    MtoZ Biolabs provides Sequential Window Acquisition of all Theoretical fragment ions (SWATH), featured by data independent acquisition with high-throughput quality and sensitivity comparable to that of MRM technique.

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    MtoZ Biolabs provides absolute targeted proteomics service, Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) with the highest sensitivity and accuracy so far to meet various needs in high-quality quantitative proteomics study.


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