Targeted Metabolomics Analysis Service

    Targeted metabolomics is a study in which defined metabolites in a sample are identified and quantitatively analyzed. Quantitation and semi-quantitation of defined metabolites are undertaken through the use of internal standard compounds. Targeted metabolomics has an advantage of high specificity and accuracy. Thus, this method has been widely used to analyze and compare multiple targeted metabolites under different physiological states, and is a critical analytical method for discovery of new biomarker in metabolic diseases and study of early diagnosis of diseases.

    MtoZ Biolabs offers targeted metabolomics analysis service using an LC-MS-based multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and GC-MS-based single ion monitoring (SIM) metabolomics platforms, which have characteristics of high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. We guarantee accurate analysis of targeted metabolites, even in low abundance. With our optimized sample preparation methods, interference from high-abundance dominant metabolites can be hugely reduced, thus further increase the detecting sensitivity.


    Analytical Steps of Targeted Metabolomics

    1. Data Collection: Targeted Metabolites Standards Are Synthesized and the MRM Transition Values of the Standards Are Measured by Triple Quadrupole MS

    2. Quantitative Analysis of Samples Along with the Standards Using Triple Quadrupole MS

    3. Statistical Analysis and Bioinformatics Explanation: ANOVA, PCA, KEGG Annotation, etc.


    Analysis Workflow


    MtoZ Biolabs offers targeted metabolomics analysis service using an LC-MS-based MRM and GC-MS-based SIM technologies, with high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity.


    List of Targeted Metabolites Analysis Services


    Targeted Metabolomic Pathways Carbohydrates & Glycolysis Pathways    
    Organic Compounds Acyl CoAs Amino Acid Animal Hormones
    Aldehydes Bioamine Bile Acids
    Carnitines Carotenoids Fatty Acids
    Flavone Flax-Liganans Meat Biomarkers
    Nucleotides Oxysterols Organic Acids
    Plant Hormone Resveratrol Tryptophan Metabolites
    Thiols Vitamins & Coenzymes  
    Inorganic Compounds Metal/Metallomics Polyphenols  


    Sample Submission Requirements

    1. Cells and Microbes Samples: Cellular activities should be terminated instantly, whereas maintaining the cell integrity.

    2. Animal Body Fluids Samples: Such as urine, blood, saliva, etc. Samples must be added with anticoagulant and preservative reagents right after sample collection, followed by freezing at -80°C.

    3. Plant Tissues: 200 mg/sample. Samples should be frozen in liquid nitrogen right after sample collection, and then transferred to -80°C for storage.

    4. Serum Samples: Repeated freezing and thawing of sample must be eliminated. Serum samples should be settled down at room temperature for 30 min in the collection tube, and then transferred to centrifuge tube and centrifuged at 8,000 rpm, 5 min. After centrifugation, supernatant is aliquoted to freezing tubes with 500 uL/sample, and stored at -80°C.

    5. Urine Samples: 1 mL/sample. Urine samples can be aliquoted to centrifuge tubes with 1 mL each tube, with addition 1/100 (w/v) sodium azide, and stored at -80°C.

    6. Faeces Samples: 10 mg/sample.



    1. Experiment Procedures

    2. Parameters of Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer

    3. MS Raw Data Files

    4. MS Data Quality Checks

    5. Metabolites Quantification Data

    6. Bioinformatics Analysis (PCA, KEGG, etc.)


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