Bioamine Analysis Service

    Bioamine is a kind of low molecular weight compounds containing nitric fatty group or heterocycle group. Depending on the composition of amine, bioamine can be divided into two classes, monoamine and polyamine. Monoamine plays a role in muscular and blood vessel relaxation, and regulates cerebral cortex activity. Polyamine mainly promotes synthesis of macromolecules, including DNA, RNA, and proteins, and accelerates development and growth. MtoZ Biolabs offers targeted bioamine analysis service using ACQUITY UPLC/TripleQuad5500 (Waters/AB Sciex), which have characteristics of high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. We guarantee accurate analysis of bioamine even in low abundance. With our optimized sample preparation methods, interference from high-abundance dominant metabolites can be greatly reduced, thus further increasing detecting sensitivity.


    List. Quantification of Bioamine by ACQUITY UPLC/TripleQuad5500 (Waters/AB Sciex)


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