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      Researchers in proteomics and metabolomics have made tremendous progress, providing thorough and comprehensive views of the biological states of a certain organism. However, the large number of experimental data generated by proteomic and metabolomic analyses have posed great analytical challenges for downstream interpretation. To better facilitate your proteomics and metabolomics research, MtoZ Biolabs offers a wide range of statistical and bioinformatics analyses targeted for proteomics and metabolomics, ranging from quality control, function annotation, and clustering analysis, to extended pathways and biological significance explanation.

      We provide two levels of analyses, Basic and Advanced bioinformatics analyses for proteomics and metabolomics.

      Basic Level Analyses

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      Data Quality Control

      * Peptide mass delta
      * Peptide number distribution
      * Peptide length distribution
      * Protein MW distribution


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      Functional Annotation

      * KEGG annotation
      * COG annotation
      * GO annotation


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      Summary Statistics

      * Venn chart
      * Volcano plot


      Advanced Level Analyses

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      Clustering Analysis

      * Hierarchical clustering
      * K means service


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      Network Analysis

      * Protein-protein interaction
      * IPA analysis


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      Pathway Enrichment

      * GO enrichment
      * KEGG pathway enrichment
      * Domain enrichment


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      Multivariate Analysis

      * PCA
      * PLS-DA
      * OPLS-DA


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      Biological Interpretation

      * Biological significance explanation



      Key Features

      • Professional and powerful data analytical system
      • Comprehensive range of services for basic and advanced level of bioinformatics
      • Large selection of software tools & packages
      • Support custom service

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