Peptidomics Analysis Service


    Figure 1. Peptidomics


    Peptidomics refers to the study of all endogenous bioactive peptides in organism, cell, or tissue. Bioactive peptides are biologically active substances involved in various cellular functions within organism, which include cytokines, growth hormones, and disease-specific degradation fragments of certain proteins in body fluid. These peptides play a crucial role in the regulation of organism, encompassing hormone regulation, neurotransmitter modulation, cell growth and proliferation, and immune modulation. The investigation of peptide structures and physiological functions holds significant importance in life sciences. Peptidomics is the discipline that studies the structure and function of the peptidome from multiple perspectives. Mass spectrometry (MS) employed in peptidomics enable both qualitative and quantitative identification of peptide in samples.


    Service at MtoZ Biolabs

    1. Peptide Purity Analysis 

    2. Peptidomics Analysis

    3. Peptide Biomarker Identification

    4. Peptide Mass Spectrometry Identification

    5. High-accuracy MS-based Immunopeptidomics Analysis and Neoantigen Discovery

    6. Peptide Structure Determination

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