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    The immunopeptidome comprises all short peptides presented on the cell surface by HLA-I and II molecules for T-cell recognition. Immunopeptidomics analysis aims to explore the dynamics and composition of both type I and II immune peptides. Comprehensive characterization of the immunopeptidome aids in developing new therapies for cancer, immune diseases, and infectious diseases.


    Immune peptides are the complete set of peptides presented by nucleated cells through type I and II proteins within the HLA or MHC antigen presentation pathways. They are essential in defining immunogenic epitopes during immune responses. Characterizing these immune peptides can help identify targets for personalized cancer immunotherapies, including neoantigens arising from tumor-specific mutations or tumor-associated antigens. Moreover, this knowledge facilitates the development of novel mRNA and peptide vaccines and cell-based therapies.


    MtoZ Biolabs offers a comprehensive high-resolution mass spectrometry-based immunopeptidomics analysis and neoantigen discovery solution, including proprietary, highly sensitive immune peptide enrichment and identification protocols. Our approach helps identify over 10,000 type I and over 10,000 type II peptides. Using our optimized high-throughput platform, immunopeptidomics analysis enables reliable identification and quantification from minimal samples. This service supports large-scale studies, empowering researchers to uncover solutions for cancer, immune diseases, and infectious diseases and identify unexplored therapeutic targets.


    Services at MtoZ Biolabs

    MtoZ Biolabs' comprehensive neoantigen discovery solution offers peptide synthesis, functional screening of neoantigen candidates for personalized cancer vaccines and T-cell therapies, animal testing of personalized cancer vaccines, and clinical-stage vaccine immunogenicity trials.



    1. A Comprehensive List of All Identified Immune Peptides, Neoantigen Peptides, and Tumor-Associated Antigen Peptides

    2. Immunopeptidome Data Quality Analysis Reports, as Presented in Case Studies


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