Proteomics Bioinformatic Analysis Service

    With ongoing advancements in proteomics mass spectrometry technology, there has been a notable increase in the precision of analytical instruments, resulting in a richer dataset. While this detailed protein data is invaluable for deeper scientific investigation, the vast volumes of data produced by high-throughput proteomic screenings introduce substantial challenges in analyzing protein sample characteristics. Due to the complexity of handling such extensive mass spectrometry data manually, it is imperative to apply advanced bioinformatics techniques for effective analysis. MtoZ Biolabs boasts a team of bioinformatics analysts who excel in the extraction of insights from proteomics data, particularly focusing on the analysis of biological pathways and networks to swiftly identify extensive protein interactions. Leveraging advancements in bioinformatics analytical methods, we have developed a comprehensive platform for proteomics data analysis. Our suite of bioinformatics solutions encompasses quality assessment of omics data, differential expression analysis, annotation and enrichment analysis through GO, KEGG, and COG, as well as protein clustering and the analysis of interaction networks and pathways at multiple levels. Furthermore, we offer tailored bioinformatics services based on client specifications and scholarly references, enabling the extraction of valuable biological insights from high-throughput experimental data. This support aids our clients in areas such as drug development, toxicity testing, and the identification of disease markers.


    Services at MtoZ Biolabs

    1. Proteomic Data Quality

    2. Differential Protein Statistical Analysis

    3. GO Functional Annotation and Enrichment Analysis

    4. KEGG Pathway and Enrichment Analysis

    5. COG Functional Annotation and Enrichment Analysis

    6. Differentially Expressed Proteins Custer Analysis

    7. Protein Interaction Analysis

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