Targeted Proteomics Service

    Targeted proteomics is a scientific discipline focused on the quantitative study of specific target proteins, building on the foundation of general proteomics. Unlike non-targeted proteomics, this approach selectively chooses ions for the collection of mass spectrometry data, enabling the analysis of numerous samples with enhanced accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility. Targeted proteomics is applicable to a range of studies including post-translational modifications, protein conformations, protein-protein interactions, dynamics, and the systemic investigation of metabolic and signaling pathways.


    Targeted proteomics quantitative techniques mainly include multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and parallel reaction monitoring (PRM). MRM, also referred to as selected reaction monitoring (SRM), employs triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (QQQ-MS) to capture signals conforming to predefined ion criteria, facilitating both relative and absolute quantification of target proteins. PRM extends the capabilities of MRM by integrating the high selectivity of quadrupoles with the superior resolution and precision of the Orbitrap technology. It measures all fragment ions following the fragmentation of selected parent ions, offering improved detection sensitivity and reduced susceptibility to interference.



    Figure 1. Targeted Proteomics


    MtoZ Biolabs leverages a high-throughput mass spectrometry platform to offer targeted proteomics analysis services, which include:

    1. Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) Services

    2. MRM/PRM-Based Quantitative Proteomics Analysis

    3. Absolute Quantification Analysis (AQUA)

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