PCR Based Antibody Sequencing Service

    Although hybridoma cells are immortalized, extensive passage of hybridoma cells may cause mutations on antibody genes, and hybridomas may loss their specificity to produce the correct antibody. Therefore, sequence information of antibody is of extreme importance for stable quality of antibody in large-scale industrial manufacturing. To solve this problem, MtoZ Biolabs has developed a PCR based antibody sequencing workflow, coupled with degenerate primer design. Compared with the mass spectrometry-based antibody sequencing method, this PCR-based antibody sequencing method is much more cost effective and less time consuming. In this method, degenerate FR1 primers are designed for PCR amplification of immunoglobulin (Ig) light and heavy chain variable regions from your hybridoma extracted mRNA. To better meet your research needs, we provide a full-package service, covering the whole analytical steps involving antibody sequencing. You can simply send us your hybridoma cells, and we will perform all the following analytical experiments.


    Analysis Workflow 


    MtoZ Biolabs provides accurate and cost effective antibody gene sequencing services, based on degenerate primer design and PCR amplification technology.


    Service Advantages 

    1. Sequencing of Antibodies Derived from Multiple Common Species, Including Human, Mice, Rat, etc

    2. Quick Turnaround Time

    3. High Quality Analysis with Competitive Price

    4. Full-Package Service and Custom Service Is Also Supported


    Sample Submission Requirements 


    Format Pellet of snap frozen hybridoma cells
    Quantity 1x10^7 cells



    1. Amplified DNA Fragments of Light and Heavy Chain Variable Regions (Optional)

    2. Experimental Procedures and All Reagents

    3. DNA Sequencing Results

    4. DNA Sequence Alignments of Heavy and Light Chain Variable Regions

    5. DNA Gel Images

    6. Analytical Raw Data Files


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