Acyl CoAs Analysis Service

    Acyl-CoA is a group of coenzymes involved in the metabolism of fatty acids. It is a temporary compound formed when coenzyme A (CoA) attaches to the end of a long-chain fatty acid inside living cells. The compound undergoes beta-oxidation, forming one or more molecules of acetyl-CoA. MtoZ Biolabs offers targeted Acyl CoAs analysis service using ACQUITY UPLC/TripleQuad5500 (Waters/AB Sciex), which has characteristics of high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. We guarantee accurate analysis of Acyl CoAs even in low abundance. With our optimized sample preparation methods, interference from high-abundance dominant metabolites can be hugely reduced, thus further increase detecting sensitivity.


    List. Quantification of Acyl CoAs by ACQUITY UPLC/TripleQuad5500 (Waters/AB Sciex)

    image-Acyl CoAs.png


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