DIA-PRM Proteomics Service

    Data-independent acquisition (DIA) is a holographic mass spectrometry data acquisition mode based on the electrostatic field Orbitrap and is a data-independent scanning mode. Compared to data-dependent acquisition mode (DDA), DIA technology divides the entire scanning range of mass spectrometry into several windows, selecting, fragmenting, and detecting all ions within each window, providing better accuracy and repeatability. PRM (parallel reaction monitoring) is an ion monitoring technology based on high-resolution and high-precision mass spectrometry, which is currently the mainstream method for targeted proteomics data acquisition. By selectively detecting specific or target peptides (such as post-translational modification peptides), it enables targeted relative or absolute quantification of target proteins/modification peptides. Combining DIA and PRM for proteomics research can achieve detection of large or complex samples and precise quantification of target proteins, especially improving the detection rate of low-abundance target proteins.


    MtoZ Biolabs uses Thermo's latest Obitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer combined with Nano-LC nanoliter chromatography technology to provide a DIA+PRM proteomics analysis service. You only need to send us your samples, and we will handle all subsequent project matters, including protein extraction, protease digestion, peptide separation, mass spectrometric analysis, mass spectrometric raw data analysis, and bioinformatics analysis.



    It can be applied to the fields of agriculture and forestry, environment, food, and medicine to construct biological sample information databases and discover biomarkers in various biological science studies.



    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Mass Spectrometry Parameters

    3. Mass Spectrometry Images

    4. Raw Data

    5. Protein Differential Level Analysis

    6. Bioinformatics Analysis

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