SEC-MALS Molecular Weight Determination Service

    Molecular weight is one of the main characteristic parameters of proteins, which is an important prerequisite for determining a protein and carrying out subsequent research activities of proteins. Therefore, it is important to accurately and efficiently determine the molecular weight of proteins. At present, the commonly used methods for detecting molecular weight include gel electrophoresis, MALDI-TOF, LC-MS, SEC-MALS, etc. SEC-MALS can directly obtain absolute molecular weight results, capable of detecting protein aggregates and protein-protein complexes, eliminating the need for standard curve.


    MtoZ Biolabs provides SEC-MALS molecular weight testing service, which can detect the molecular weight of antibodies and polymers.


    The MALS method is a technology for determining the absolute molecular weight of a protein based on the direct correlation between molecular weight and the intensity of light scattering. The sample is separated by SEC and enters the multi-angle light scattering detector, light scattering occurs upon laser interaction with the analyte, with MALS measuring the intensity of scattered light simultaneously from multiple angles, and the molecular weight of the sample can be directly calculated through the formula.



     Figure 1. Working Principle of MALS


    Analysis Workflow

    1. Centrifugation and Analysis

    2. Data Processing

    3. Compilation of Results and Report Generation



    Figure 2. Working Process


    Service Advantages

    1. Absolute molecular weight can be obtained relative to SEC-HPLC.

    2. Polymers can be detected.

    3. Short detection time.


    Sample Results



    Figure 3. Chromatogram

    The horizontal axis represents the retention time, and the vertical axis represents the concentration response.



    Figure 4. Molecular Weight Distribution


    Sample Submission Requirements

    1. The concentration should be greater than 1 μg/μL.

    2. The type of sample we have tested: mixed proteins.


    Services at MtoZ Biolabs

    Chromatogram, molecular weight profile, number average molecular weight, weight average molecular weight, average molecular weight.



    Molecular weight of mixed proteins, molecular weight of protein aggregates.



    Q1: What is the main difference between SEC-MALS and SEC-HPLC for molecular weight detection?

    SEC-MALS can calculate the absolute molecular weight directly from the laser scattering intensity, and does not require standards to establish a standard curve.

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