Protein Purity and Homogeneity Characterization Service

    Protein purity and uniformity are crucial for protein crystallization as well as structural and functional studies. Impure samples can lead to inaccurate results in experiments. Additionally, protein purity and uniformity are two very important characteristics for further protein research and biopharmaceutical applications. The purity of protein samples limits the application of protein products.


    Common contaminants in protein products include culture media, reagents used in extraction and purification,etc. Beyond impurities, protein non-uniformity may be due to different intracellular reactions and post-translational modifications. It is important to analyze the purity and uniformity of proteins before further processing.



    Figure 1. Characterization of Protein Purity and Uniformity Marked by pI


    Services at MtoZ Biolabs

    MtoZ Biolabs offers a range of services for characterizing protein purity and uniformity, aiming at detecting contaminants, protein variants, isomers, S-S chain mismatches, truncated proteins, degraded proteins, protein modifications, protein aggregates, and protein precursors.


    1. Purity and Integrity Analysis Methods

    SDS-PAGE, capillary electrophoresis, zinc reverse staining, aldehyde-free silver staining and MALDI-TOF MS.


    2. Uniformity Analysis

    Dynamic light scattering, UV-visible spectroscopy, size exclusion chromatography and static light scattering.


    Sample Submission Requirements

    We can handle samples such as antibodies, antigens, enzymes, growth factors, DNA-binding proteins, blood proteins, and membrane proteins. Common samples include:

    1. Proteins From Natural Sources
    2. Recombinant Fusion and Tagged Proteins
    3. Antibodies of Different Subtypes
    4. Membrane Proteins


    Service Advantages

    1. Advanced Technical Platform

    We are equipped with various technical platforms to accurately determine the purity and uniformity of proteins.


    2. Accuracy and Reproducibility

    We provide accurate and detailed results on sample purity and uniformity to save time wasted on poor samples.


    3. Wide Application Scope

    Purified and homogeneous proteins can be used for research and medical applications, such as the development and quality control of therapeutic proteins.

    MtoZ Biolabs offers various methods to economically and efficiently characterize samples and provides reliable and detailed data reports. For specific service, please contact our technical staff.

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