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    The objective of peptidomics analysis extends beyond identifying and verifying all endogenous peptides in the biological samples under study. It also involves comparing the expression levels of target peptides across specific biochemical processes. Mass spectrometry facilitates a comprehensive analysis of these peptides.


    Peptidomics and proteomics have similar strategic approaches in research; however, notable differences exist. In peptidomics, to accurately identify native peptides, including those with post-translational modifications, specific digestive enzymes are generally avoided. This enables direct identification through primary MS and secondary MS.


    Advancements in MS/MS sequencing have increasingly supplanted the traditional Edman degradation technique for peptide identification. Mass spectrometry has become pivotal for identifying peptides in various tissue extracts, including bioactive peptides. Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is employed to remove most proteins from biological samples, body fluids, and tissue extracts, thereby enhancing the precision and repeatability of LC-MS in peptide identification. MtoZ Biolabs offers tailored peptidomics analysis services to meet specific customer requirements.

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