Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Images Analysis Service

    The most demanding and crucial part of 2D gel electrophoresis technology is the analysis of the resulting protein images. The image data are compared and analyzed automatically. Comparative analysis of 2D gel images can reveal qualitative and/or quantitative changes in protein expression between individual samples or different groups. 2D gel imaging analysis provides various types of information to identify novel, missing, or modified proteins, quantify protein spots, determine the pI and Mr values of protein spots, perform enzymatic digestion, and conduct mass spectrometry analysis.


    To analyze and compare complex 2D images, a scanner or camera is required to convert gel image data into digital information for in-depth analysis using computer software. During the image analysis process, scanning is generally performed using a pixel size of 100 mm. Although higher pixel resolutions can improve image quality, they result in files too large to process within a reasonable time frame and consume significant disk space.

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