Cell Surface Proteomics Service

    Cell surface proteins form a unique class of proteins, playing critical roles in managing cell function and facilitating communication between the cell and its environment by transporting metabolites, ions, and other solutes.


    Cell surface proteins vary across different cell types and can even change within a specific cell type under normal or diseased conditions. Consequently, cell surface proteins have numerous significant applications, such as distinguishing cell phenotypes and disease states and aiding research and development for prognosis and therapeutic targets. The cell surface contains key biomarkers and potential drug targets for various diseases. Approximately 70% of current biopharmaceuticals in development target cell surface proteins, underscoring the importance of studying surface proteins and their potential role in developing novel cancer therapies.



    Figure 1. Workflow of Cell Surface Proteomics (Mathias Kalxdorf et al., 2017)


    MtoZ Biolabs provides specialized and comprehensive cell surface proteomics services for identifying and quantifying the cell surface proteome, encompassing the entire mass spectrometry analysis workflow, from cell surface protein extraction to protein identification and quantification.


    Leveraging biotin affinity purification technology, MtoZ Biolabs has optimized protocols for cell surface protein purification and enrichment, enabling high-quality extraction and enrichment of cell surface proteins for subsequent proteomic analysis. The company uses the Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer, the latest high-resolution, high-sensitivity instrument from Thermo, in combination with nanoLC chromatography for comprehensive cell surface proteomics analysis. With robust bioinformatics capabilities and extensive experience in bioinformatics analysis, our technicians can proficiently utilize various bioinformatics analysis tools to conduct in-depth data analysis and mining, allowing for effective screening of potential biomarkers.

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