Cell Apoptosis Analysis Service

    Cell death occurs through several pathways including apoptosis, necrosis, and other emergent pathways. Apoptosis is pivotal in immune responses, involving processes such as intracellular balance, T cell clustering, the death of reactive lymphocytes, and cytotoxity of target cells. Apoptosis involves key components like APO-1/Fas, a receptor essential for apoptotic signaling; Caspase-3, crucial for apoptosis and osteoclast activation; and CD30, whose activation halts cell growth and triggers apoptosis. Quantitatively analyzing cytokines during apoptosis is crucial for understanding the development of associated diseases.



    Katz, J. et al. Clin Cancer Res. 2011.

    Figure 1. Cell Apoptosis – Flow Cytometric Cytokine Detection


    MtoZ Biolabs utilizes flow cytometry to simultaneously quantify cytokines and proteins related to apoptosis, providing higher sensitivity and a broader detection range.


    Indicators for Cell Apoptosis Flow Cytometric Cytokine Detection



    Figure 2. Cell Apoptosis – Human Sample Single-Cytokine Flow Cytometry Kit


    Sample Submission Requirements

    1. Requires only 25 µL of sample, compared to 50 µL or 100 µL for conventional ELISA.

    2. Compatible with serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, and other body fluids.

    3. Store body fluid samples at -80°C and transported with dry ice.



    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Raw Data (Fluorescence Luminescence Spectrum)

    3. Technical Report

    4. Result of Absolute Content of Each Detection Indicator (Excel Spreadsheet)

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