Bead-Based Multiplex Flow Cytometry Analysis Service

    With the widespread application of flow cytometry (FC) and solid-phase technology, along with the revolutionary advancements in microsphere-based multi-parameter detection technology, FC can qualitatively and quantitatively analyze soluble proteins. Unlike traditional ELISA, which is limited to single-parameter detection, FC multiplex detection can analyze multiple parameters simultaneously from a sample. This capability significantly enhances research efficiency and achieve the comprehensive analysis of rare and precious samples. Leading technologies in this field include Luminex, BD's cytometric bead array (CBA) system, and eBioscience's FlowCytomix technology. MtoZ Biolabs employs BD's CBA and eBioscience's FlowCytomix to offer multi-parameter cytokine and other soluble molecule detection services to researchers.


    The detection principle of this technology mirrors that of sandwich immunoassays. Fluorescent microspheres are coated with antibodies specific to the target antigen. These antibody-coated microspheres are then incubated with the sample, allowing the analytes (e.g., cytokines) to bind to the antibodies on the microspheres. Subsequently, a mixture of biotin-labeled antibodies specifically binds to the captured analytes. Streptavidin-PE is then added to bind to the biotin, enabling fluorescence detection. The flow cytometer differentiates microsphere populations based on size and fluorescence intensity. Two sizes of microspheres (4.4 μm and 5.5 μm) are internally labeled with 9 and 11 different intensities of fluorescent dyes, respectively (far-red fluorescence, excitable by argon, helium-neon, or ultraviolet light sources, with an emission wavelength of 690 nm). This configuration allows the flow cytometer to simultaneously identify and distinguish 20 different microsphere populations, enabling the detection of up to 20 parameters from a single sample.

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