SDS-PAGE Based Protein Molecular Weights Analysis Service

    Molecular size variability is critically important in biological research and medical applications, serving not only in diagnosis and disease prevention but also in the quality control of bioproducts. Electrophoresis, particularly sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), is revered as the gold standard for this purpose due to its high sensitivity, ease of operation, and broad applicability.


    The core of the SDS-PAGE technique lies in the action of an electric field to cause charged biomolecules to traverse the polyacrylamide gel in a size-ordered manner. This facilitates the separation of proteins and peptides of varying sizes, providing a robust tool for examining molecular structures, interactions, and aggregation states. Inaccurate protein aggregation or unexpected molecular sizes may lead to decreased biological activity, compromised drug effectiveness, or unexpected adverse effects.



     Figure 1. Analysis of Molecular Size Variability via SDS-PAGE


    MtoZ Biolabs has established seven major testing platforms dedicated to delivering comprehensive analyses of biological products, including analyses based on SDS-PAGE for molecular size variability. This platform boasts advanced electrophoresis equipment and a high-precision imaging system, enabling precise detection of size variations from small peptides to large proteins, whether they involve single proteins, multi-component complexes, or biomolecules in various aggregation states. Our services cater extensively to basic research, drug development, clinical diagnostics, and the biotech industry. Our team of experts, with their extensive experience in experimental design and data analysis, is committed to providing high-quality, efficient analytical services. We invite you to take advantage of our free consultation services to discover more.



    In the technical report, MtoZ Biolabs will provide you with detailed technical information, including:

    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Related Experimental Parameters

    3. Detailed Information on SDS-PAGE-Based Molecular Size Variability Analysis

    4. Electrophoresis Images

    5. Raw Data

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