2D-DIGE Antibody Coverage Analysis Service

    Two-dimensional fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) is a proteomic technique for qualitatively and quantitatively comparing protein expression changes between different samples, such as pathological versus healthy tissues. This technique is crucial in the manufacturing of biological products, particularly in the host cell proteins (HCP) antibody coverage analysis, which is used to detect the sensitivity and specificity of HCPs. "Coverage" refers to the proportion of HCP types detected by the antibody relative to the total HCPs. An high-coverage antibody can identify more HCP types, offering a comprehensive assessment of impurity levels during manufacturing.


    In 2D-DIGE antibody coverage analysis, proteins from various samples are tagged with distinct fluorescent dyes, followed by mix together to undergo two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. The specificity and coverage of an antibody can be determined by identifying the specific HCP protein spots reacting with the antibodies on the electrophoresis map. When combined with MS, this method can accurately identify HCP types covered by antibodies, and find any significant HCPs that may be missed. Compared to traditional electrophoresis, 2D-DIGE provides superior resolution, reproducibility, and accuracy, and is extensively applied to compare HCP expression across different production batches or conditions to evaluate process consistency and control.



    Figure 1. 2D-DIGE Antibody Coverage Analysis by MtoZ Biolabs


    MtoZ Biolabs has developed a 2D-DIGE platform to ensure comprehensive HCP antibody coverage analysis tailored to client requirements. The service offers detailed insights into HCP types and expression levels, helping to select effective HCP antibodies that enhance the controllability and quality of biopharmaceutical production, reduce patient medication risks, and reduce research-to-market cycle. Additionally, MtoZ offers MS-coupled services for an in-depth analysis of potential HCP variations during production. Our interdisciplinary team is ready to customize solutions to meet diverse experimental needs, eagerly anticipating collaboration.



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