AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS Antibody Coverage Analysis Service

    In the research and development and production of antibody drugs, host cell protein (HCP) antibody coverage analysis is a key technology for ensuring drug quality and biological activity. Affinity antibody extraction (AAE) combined with nanoparticle liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (nanoLC-MS/MS) provides a powerful means for HCP antibody coverage analysis. AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS uses HCP antibodies for enrichment to identify HCPs, then compares the HCPs obtained after enrichment with the original HCPs through the nanoLC-MS/MS mass spectrometry platform. Mass spectrometry detection provides both qualitative identification information and relative quantitative information. The sensitivity of qualitative identification is extremely high, covering 5,000-8,000 proteins, and it is clear which proteins are identified, including if there are any proteins that require special attention; relative quantitative information can clearly determine the enrichment efficiency of each protein, making an effective assessment for the accuracy of subsequent ELISA test results. This method is an effective complement to the traditional method of HCP antibody coverage analysis based on bidirectional electrophoresis.



    Figure 1. HCP Antibody Coverage Analysis Based on AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS


    Through AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS technology, the types of HCPs covered by antibodies can be comprehensively identified, thus accurately assessing the antibody coverage rate. High-coverage antibodies help ensure more potential HCP impurities can be detected, which is crucial for the safety assessment of biopharmaceuticals. MtoZ Biolabs uses Thermo's newly introduced Obitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer combined with Nano-LC technology to establish the AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS antibody coverage analysis platform, which can not only accurately identify HCP proteins in the sample, calculate the antibody coverage rate, but also provide relative quantitative information, clearly knowing the enrichment efficiency of each protein, providing you with an efficient, accurate, and complete tailor-made solution, welcome to consult for free to learn more about AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS antibody coverage analysis services.



    In the technical report, MtoZ Biolabs will provide you with detailed technical information, including: 

    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Relevant Mass Spectrometry Parameters

    3. AAE-nanoLC-MS/MS Antibody Coverage Analysis Details

    4. Mass Spectrometry Images

    5. Raw Data

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