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    What Analysis Can Be Performed on Protein Sequencing Results?

      After obtaining the protein sequencing results, various analyses can be performed. These analyses help to reveal the function, structure, interactions and roles of the protein in the organism. The commonly used types of analysis mainly include:


      1. Sequence Alignment

      Align with known protein sequences to identify homologous proteins, which helps to infer protein function and evolutionary relationships.


      2. Functional Domain and Active Site Prediction

      Identify functional domains and active sites in proteins, which is crucial for understanding protein function.


      3. 3D Structure Prediction

      Use computational tools to predict the spatial structure of the protein, which helps understand how the protein interacts with other molecules.


      4. Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis

      Understand the interaction between the protein and other proteins, revealing the role of the protein in cellular processes.


      5. Post-Translational Modification Analysis

      Determine whether and where post-translational modifications, such as phosphorylation, ubiquitination, etc., have occurred in the protein.


      6. Expression Level Analysis

      Analyze the expression level of the protein in different tissues, developmental stages, or disease states.


      7. Signal Pathway Analysis

      Place the protein into the corresponding biochemical pathway to understand its role in cellular signal transduction.


      8. Evolutionary Analysis

      Study the evolutionary history of the protein to understand its changes during the evolutionary process.


      9. Biomarker Discovery

      In disease research, proteins may be used as biomarkers to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of diseases.


      Through these methods, various biological characteristics of the protein and its diverse roles in the organism can be deeply understood.

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