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    Valine Analysis Service

      Valine, a critical branched-chain amino acid, is indispensable in synthesizing human proteins and sustaining muscle functionality. Unable to synthesize valine autonomously, humans must acquire it through dietary sources, making it vital to monitor dietary intake for overall health maintenance. Valine plays a significant role in blood sugar regulation and energy provision; its deficiency can precipitate disorders in muscle metabolism and developmental growth. Consequently, precise valine analysis is pivotal for diagnosing conditions such as malnutrition, aiding recovery post-exertion, and addressing metabolic diseases.



      Figure 1. Molecular Structure of Valine


      MtoZ Biolabs utilizes liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses of valine and its metabolites. This advanced method integrates LC's rapid separation capabilities with the high detection sensitivity of MS/MS, facilitating the precise measurement of valine in complex biological matrices.


      Analysis Workflow


      Service Advantages



      Sample Submission Requirements


      For detailed sample submission instructions, please consult our technical team.



      Clinical Diagnostics: Instrumental in identifying disorders related to muscle metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, and broader health complications.


      Food Industry: Assesses valine levels in food products to confirm nutritional integrity and safety.


      Sports Science: Facilitates analysis of athletes' valine concentrations to refine training regimes and recovery processes.


      Animal Nutrition: Crucial for monitoring valine in feed, thereby optimizing feed effectiveness and promoting animal well-being.


      MtoZ Biolabs is dedicated to advancing your research and clinical projects by providing detailed insights into valine's extensive physiological roles through top-tier analytical techniques and expert services.

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