Urine Metabolomics Analysis Service

    Urine contains a vast array of chemicals, including microbial metabolites and mammalian metabolic products. Drugs, pollutants, and industrial chemicals may also be present in urine. Since urine lacks homeostatic regulation, it can reflect metabolic disturbances, providing insights into systemic changes in response to physiological challenges or disease progression.


    In metabolomics studies, urine is a key biological matrix because its collection is non-invasive (thus easier). Although it depends on the animal and collection time, urine samples do not have volume limitations. Moreover, urine sample is easy to obtained through a series of operations, allowing for the study of transient metabolic changes. The greater number of compounds in urine compared to other matrices makes data analysis and biological interpretation of urine metabolomics more challenging.


    MtoZ Biolabs uses mass spectrometers from Thermo's Q Exactive and AB's Q TOF 5600 to establish a platform for urine metabolomics studies, adopting different sample processing schemes based on your experimental purposes to efficiently extract metabolites for analysis, while effectively answering your biological questions and improving the accuracy of metabolite identification and quantification. MtoZ Biolabs provides a one-stop service for urine metabolomics; you only need to clarify your experimental purpose and send your samples, and MtoZ Biolabs will handle all subsequent experiments. Free consultation is available!


    Sample Submission Requirements

    1. Sample Preservation

    1 mL per sample, ideally more sample can be taken (1 mL urine is collected into a centrifuge tube with adding a drop (about 10 μL) of sodium azide at 1/100 (w/v) and stored at -80°C ).


    2. Sample Preprocessing

    After collection, you may preprocess the samples, or you can leave the preprocessing to us. 



    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Mass Spectrometry Parameters

    3. Mass Spectrometry Images

    4. Raw Data

    5. Metabolomics Analysis Results

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