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    Urine Metabolomics Service

      Urine, a direct byproduct of the body's metabolic processes, comprises 95% water along with various organic compounds, electrolytes, and metabolites. These elements provide a detailed reflection of both physiological and pathological states, making urine an invaluable resource for metabolomics research. Urine samples are particularly useful for disease prediction and diagnosis as well as biomarker development due to their non-invasive collection method and low protein and lipid content.


      The analysis of urine in metabolomics is challenging due to its complex composition, which includes human and microbial metabolites and potential contaminants like pharmaceuticals and environmental pollutants. High precision in sample processing and data analysis is essential to manage this complexity.



      Wang, R. et al. BMC Cancer. 2022.

      Figure 1. Urine Metabolomics Research on Bladder Cancer 


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs

      Leveraging high-resolution mass spectrometry, MtoZ Biolabs has developed a sophisticated platform for urine metabolomics analysis. We offer bespoke sample preparation solutions tailored to specific research requirements, significantly enhancing metabolite detection accuracy and quantitative analysis reliability.

      Our services include:

      1. Untargeted Analysis

      • Extensive metabolic profiling
      • High-throughput identification of metabolites
      • Metabolic pathway analysis
      • Discovery and validation of novel biomarkers


      2. Targeted Analysis

      Standard curve creation, meticulous preprocessing of raw data, and precise quantification


      3. Bioinformatics Analysis

      • Assessment of sample quality and analysis of batch effects
      • Detailed metabolite characterization
      • Differential screening of metabolites and multivariate statistical analysis
      • Advanced biomarker research, including pathway and network analysis


      Sample Submission Requirements

      1. Sample Collection Methods

      It is recommended to collect animal urine samples in a controlled environment using metabolic cages to ensure data accuracy and repeatability.


      2. Avoiding Contamination

      Care should be taken to avoid food residues, urine evaporation, and microbial contamination, as these factors can affect the volume recorded and the quality of the sample.


      3. Antimicrobial Treatment

      Adding 0.05% to 0.1% sodium azide or boric acid to urine samples to prevent metabolite degradation caused by microbial activity.


      4. Sample Processing Methods

      Depending on the purpose of the experiment, choose appropriate sample processing methods:

      • For untargeted analysis: Require fast, simple, and repeatable processing methods, such as dilution or protein precipitation
      • For targeted analysis: Emphasize extraction efficiency, methods such as solid-phase extraction are particularly suitable for extracting specific types of metabolites, such as phenolics


      MtoZ Biolabs provides extensive metabolomics analysis services for urine samples, ensuring the delivery of accurate and comprehensive data and reports. Should you have additional metabolite testing requirements not covered in our service list, please use our inquiry form to specify your needs. Our expert team is ready to engage with you to meet your research objectives and offer customized solutions.

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