Top-Down Protein Sequencing Service

    In top-down proteomics analysis, intact protein molecular ions generated by ESI or MALDI are introduced into a mass analyzer and undergo gas-phase fragmentation. Top-down analysis facilitates the direct observation of C-terminal and N-terminal truncations and the differentiation of isomers through different sequences.



    Kellie, J. F. et al. Mol Biosyst. 2010.

    Figure 1. Top-down Protein Sequencing Analysis Service


    Compared to the traditional Edman degradation method, MtoZ Biolabs offers top-down protein sequencing analysis services using MALDI ISD mass spectrometry technology, providing N-terminal and C-terminal sequencing services. Sequencing can be performed even when the terminals are modified, including N-terminal acetylation, N-terminal pyroglutamate, sequence truncation, and signal sequence closure. This analysis can also be used to characterize protein degradation and enzymatic cleavage.


    Top-down sequence analysis can confirm 20 to 80 residues of the N-terminus or C-terminus of intact proteins.

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