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    Tomato Fruit Acetyl CoA Analysis

      Acetyl-CoA (Acetyl-Coenzyme A) is a vital energy supply substance in cells, as well as a precursor for many biosynthetic reactions (such as fatty acid synthesis). In tomato fruit, the metabolism of acetyl-CoA plays a crucial role in the fruit's maturation, quality, and resistance. However, the distribution and metabolic process of acetyl-CoA in tomato fruit are complex, requiring precise analysis techniques for interpretation.


      MtoZ Biolabs has developed an Acetyl-CoA analysis platform through utilizing high-performance liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry, which can accurately locate and measure the content of Acetyl-CoA in tomato fruit. Furthermore, our team can reveal the metabolic dynamics of Acetyl-CoA in tomato fruit through in-depth data analysis, providing an important reference for related research.



      1. Dynamic Changes of Acetyl-CoA During the Development of Tomato Fruit

      2. Relationship Between Tomato Fruit's Resistance and Acetyl-CoA

      3. The Role of Acetyl-CoA in Tomato Fruit's Quality Formation

      4. Tomato Fruit's Molecular Breeding Based on Acetyl-CoA Metabolism


      MtoZ Biolabs boasts seven detection platforms and our team of experts has a profound background in metabolomics and extensive lab experience. We provide tailored solutions for each client. Our mission is to offer rapid, accurate, and efficient services to meet a variety of needs in the biopharmaceutical field. Free project evaluation,Welcome to learn more details! 

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