Sphingosine Analysis Service

    Sphingosine (SPH) is a long-chain aliphatic compound with an acyclic carbon skeleton, typically featuring a 2-amino-1,3-diol functional group. The primary SPH in mammalian tissues are sphingosine (2S,3R-d-erythro-2-amino-1,3-octadec-4E-ene-diol), sphinganine (2S,3R-d-erythro-2-amino-1,3-octadecane diol), and 4-hydroxy-sphinganine (2S,3S,4R-erythro-2-amino-1,3,4-octadecanetriol). In yeast, the primary sphingoid bases are dihydrosphingosine and phytosphingosine.


    SPH synthesis is essential for the endocytosis and actin cytoskeleton formation in yeast. SPH has also been shown to play a role in regulating the expression of amino acid permeases on the cell surface. Additionally, SPH affects signaling pathways such as protein kinase C and phosphatidic acid. SPH is associated with aging and increases with yeast aging. SPH has been shown to mediate the aging process by inhibiting mitochondrial fusion and causing fragmentation, leading to decreases in mtDNA copy number, ATP levels, mitochondrial membrane potential, and oxygen consumption.


    MtoZ Biolabs offers reliable, rapid, and cost-effective SPH analysis services based on high-stability, reproducible, and high-sensitivity separation, characterization, identification, and quantification systems.

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