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    Skeletal Muscle Metabolomics Service

      The skeletal muscle is one of the largest organs in the human body, accounting for 30%-40% of body weight and has a significant impact on the body's metabolism. It can generate force and movement, is the main site of heat production, and is also the main site of protein and amino acid metabolism in the body. The dysfunction of skeletal muscle is related to many diseases such as muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, and diabetes. Therefore, the study of skeletal muscle metabolism has important theoretical and practical value.


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs

      MtoZ Biolabs provides skeletal muscle metabolomics services that can help researchers understand the metabolic process in skeletal muscle and provide information on skeletal muscle function and disease mechanisms. We offer the following services:

      1. Targeted Metabolite Analysis

      We conduct quantitative assessments of essential metabolites like glucose, lactate, amino acids, and nucleotides involved in skeletal muscle metabolism, employing advanced mass spectrometry to ensure precision.

      2. Non-targeted Metabolomics

      Our extensive metabolite analysis of skeletal muscle samples helps uncover metabolic patterns linked to various physiological states. We use high-resolution mass spectrometry for thorough, unbiased investigations, leading to novel discoveries.

      3. Isotope Tracing Studies

      We apply stable isotope labeling to explore the metabolic fluxes in skeletal muscles, analyzing isotopic enrichment in metabolites to gain insights into key pathways such as glycolysis and the TCA cycle.

      4. Metabolic Pathway Analysis

      Our analyses map the metabolic pathways within skeletal muscles, identifying crucial intermediates and regulators. By integrating data, we provide a comprehensive overview of the metabolic network.

      5. Data Analysis and Interpretation

      Through expert data processing and statistical analysis, we interpret complex metabolomics data, identifying significant changes in metabolites and pathways. Our reports offer valuable insights and practical guidance.




      Experimental Instruments

      • LC-MS: Our high-resolution systems accurately quantify both polar and non-polar metabolites.
      • GC-MS: This technology is crucial for analyzing volatile and semi-volatile metabolites, essential for studying energy metabolism.
      • Stable Isotope Tracing Mass Spectrometry: We integrate GC-MS and LC-MS to meticulously assess metabolic fluxes and substrate utilization.
      • Advanced Mass Spectrometry: We utilize top-tier equipment to achieve highly sensitive and precise metabolite detection and pathway analysis, ensuring detailed and accurate results.


      We are a mature partner in biopharmaceutical research and have rich experience in metabolomics analysis. We provide high-quality skeletal muscle metabolomics services to help you deeply understand the metabolic process in skeletal muscle, provide information on the mechanisms of skeletal muscle diseases, and find new treatment strategies. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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