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    Single Cell Metabolomics Service

      The single cell is the fundamental unit of biological activity, influencing all aspects of an organism’s physiology and pathology, such as growth, development, metabolic regulation, communication, and aging. Understanding single cell metabolic activities is pivotal for addressing broader life science challenges. Single cell metabolomics, by accurately measuring metabolites within individual cells, offers a powerful tool to discern fine distinctions in cellular functions and disease states.


      While all cells are part of the same tissue, their metabolic profiles can differ substantially. Conventional metabolomics typically provide average results from thousands of cells, which masks critical cell-to-cell variations. Single cell metabolomics reveals these nuances, crucial for unraveling the origins and development of diseases, particularly in conditions like cancer that exhibit notable heterogeneity.


      Single cell metabolomics demands meticulous sample preparation, metabolite detection, and data handling. The small quantity and volume of metabolites per cell require highly sensitive detection methods. Furthermore, rapid fluctuations in metabolite concentrations due to physiological changes complicate the analysis.



      Guo, S. et al. Curr Opin Biotechnol. 2021.

      Figure1. Overview of Single Cell Metabolomics


      Service Advantages

      MtoZ Biolabs utilizes cutting-edge mass spectrometry technologies to offer professional single cell metabolomics services. We can detect metabolites at low concentrations in minimal sample volumes and track rapid changes in intracellular metabolite levels. Our services capture critical temporal dynamics such as cell differentiation, division, environmental interactions, and stress responses, tailored to enrich your research findings with precise and comprehensive data and analysis reports.


      Experimental Instruments

      • AB SCIEX QTRAP 6500+
      • AB SCIEX Triple TOF 6600+
      • AB SCIEX CESI 8000+


      Service Advantages

      • High selectivity and sensitivity in analyzing complex samples, effectively reducing background noise and accurately quantifying target compounds.
      • Capable of identifying and quantifying small molecule metabolites and biomarkers in complex matrices, facilitating research into mutation mechanisms, signaling pathways, and energy metabolism.


      Opt for MtoZ Biolabs’ single cell metabolomics services to enhance your research projects with deeper insights into cell function and regulatory mechanisms. Contact us for more information or to discuss your project needs.

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