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    Serum Proteomic Profiling Identification

      The serum, as the fluid tissue linking various systems of the body, contains rich protein information, reflecting a variety of physiological and pathological states within the body. Among this dynamic equilibrium system, the interactions between proteins are particularly noteworthy, as they involve not only the maintenance of health but also the development of various diseases. To deeply understand the complex interactions of proteins in serum, MtoZ Biolabs introduced the protein interaction proteomics identification technology.


      Unlike traditional protein analysis techniques, protein interaction proteomics identification allows us to directly explore the interactions between proteins, providing valuable information about the composition, structure, and function of protein complexes. Combining high-end liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry technology, we can accurately identify the protein interaction networks present in the serum, and analyze their changes under different physiological and pathological conditions.



      1. Discovery and Verification of Disease Biomarkers

      By analysing the differences in serum protein interactions under healthy and disease states, researchers can be assisted in discovering potential disease biomarkers.


      2. Exploration of Drug Targets and Drug Efficacy Analysis

      Identify the protein targets and action networks of drugs, understand the mechanism of action of drugs, and provide a reference for drug design and optimization.


      3. Research on Metabolic Pathways

      Reveal key proteins and regulatory mechanisms related to specific metabolic pathways through serum protein interaction information.


      4. Analysis of Inflammation and Immune Response

      Analyse changes in protein interactions during inflammation and immune processes, providing a new perspective for the prevention and treatment of diseases.


      MtoZ Biolabs has a top-notch protein interaction proteomics identification platform, integrating advanced sample preparation, high-resolution mass spectrometry analysis, and professional data interpretation services. Our team has rich experience in experimental design and operation, and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and accurate protein interaction data for global researchers. Whether you are conducting basic research or dedicated to the development of clinical applications, we have the ability to support your project and help you deeply understand the subtle balance of life processes. Feel free to contact us for more details!

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