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    Serum Exogenous Metabolite Analysis

      Serum, as an important reflection of the internal environment of the human body, not only contains a wealth of endogenous metabolites, but also contains a variety of exogenous metabolites. These exogenous metabolites mainly originate from food, drugs, and environmental exposure. Through in-depth analysis of exogenous metabolites in serum, we can better understand the impact of environmental factors on human health, providing key information for disease prevention, treatment, and health management. MtoZ Biolabs uses advanced analysis technology, focusing on the qualitative and quantitative research of exogenous metabolites in serum.


      Sample Submission Requirements


      Serum is the liquid part left after blood coagulation, containing a variety of proteins, electrolytes, antibodies, and metabolites. In the study of exogenous metabolites, serum is an ideal sample because it directly reflects the biochemical status inside the body and the impact of external substances.


      Services at Mtoz Biolabs

      Exogenous Metabolites Analysis Technology

      MtoZ Biolabs' exogenous metabolites analysis technology integrates High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Mass Spectrometry (MS), and advanced data analysis methods, aiming to efficiently and accurately identify and quantify exogenous metabolites in serum.


      Service Advantages

      1. High Sensitivity and High Selectivity

      By using a high-resolution mass spectrometer, we can accurately identify and quantify low-abundance exogenous metabolites in complex serum samples, ensuring the sensitivity and selectivity of the analysis results.


      2. Wide Coverage of Metabolites

      Combining various chromatographic separation techniques, our analysis platform can detect all types of exogenous metabolites, whether they are drugs, food ingredients, or environmental exposure substances.


      3. Precise Quantitative Analysis

      Utilizing advanced quantitative methods and calibration techniques, we ensure accurate quantification of exogenous metabolites in serum, providing a solid foundation for subsequent data analysis and biological interpretation.


      4. Advanced Sata Processing and Interpretation

      With the combination of bioinformatics tools and professional knowledge, we can effectively handle complex data sets, providing deep insights for the identification and functional analysis of exogenous metabolites in serum.



      1. Environmental Exposure Assessment

      Analyze exogenous metabolites in serum to assess the impact of environmental pollutants on human health.


      2. Nutrition and Metabolic Research

      Explore how food components affect the metabolic pathways in the human body.


      3. Drug Metabolism and Efficacy Evaluation

      Study the metabolic pathways of drugs in the body and evaluate their effectiveness and safety.


      4. Toxicology Research

      By analyzing exogenous metabolites in serum, understand the mechanism of toxins in the body.


      MtoZ Biolabs is committed to providing high-quality serum exogenous metabolite analysis services to help researchers and clinicians better understand how the environment, food, and drugs affect human health. Our team is composed of experienced scientists and technical experts with a profound biomedical background and experimental experience.


      We welcome global research institutions, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to contact us, jointly explore the mystery of serum exogenous metabolites, and promote the development of life sciences and medicine.Free project evaluation,Welcome to learn more details! 

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