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    Saliva Metabolomics Service

      Saliva, a vital biological fluid in the human body, is primarily produced by the salivary glands and is supplemented by gingival crevicular fluid, mucosal transudate, and oral microbial secretions. Due to its non-invasive collection, straightforward processing, and the wealth of biomarkers it contains, saliva is extensively studied. Its diverse and complex composition, which changes in response to health conditions, provides crucial insights into systemic health.


      In the oral cavity, a diverse array of microbes metabolically interacts, reflecting overall oral and systemic health. Metabolomics analysis helps us deeply understand how these metabolites react to physiological and pathological changes, illuminating their roles in oral health and diseases and their impact on microbial interactions within the mouth.



      Huang, Zhijie. et al. CLIN CHEM LAB MED. 2023. 

      Figure1. The Source and Composition of Saliva


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs

      At MtoZ Biolabs, we leverage advanced high-throughput technologies to analyze small molecule metabolites in saliva, such as metabolic intermediates, hormones, and key signaling molecules. Our services are crucial for understanding oral disease mechanisms, assessing disease risk, aiding in screening and diagnostics, providing pathological grading, and evaluating prognosis.

      Our services include:

      1. Untargeted Analysis

      • Extensive metabolic profiling
      • High-throughput identification of metabolites
      • Metabolic pathway analysis
      • Discovery and validation of novel biomarkers


      2. Targeted Analysis

      Standard curve creation, meticulous preprocessing of raw data, and precise quantification


      3. Bioinformatics Analysis

      • Assessment of sample quality and analysis of batch effects
      • Detailed metabolite characterization
      • Differential screening of metabolites and multivariate statistical analysis
      • Advanced biomarker research, including pathway and network analysis



      Saliva metabolomics is uniquely valuable for:

      • Unraveling disease mechanisms in oral health
      • Assessing risks and screening for oral diseases
      • Enhancing diagnostic accuracy and aiding in pathological grading
      • Evaluating prognosis through pre- and post-treatment metabolic changes
      • Rapidly identifying pathogens by analyzing specific metabolic markers


      Sample Submission Requirements

      Sample collection and processing of saliva must consider the following factors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the analysis:

      1. Sample type: Can collect unstimulated or stimulated saliva.
      2. Collection time: It is recommended to collect after fasting for 12 hours post-meal to minimize the impact of food intake on metabolite levels.
      3. Influencing factors: Factors such as gender, age, collection method, and individual habits must be recorded and controlled.


      MtoZ Biolabs is committed to delivering precise and comprehensive saliva metabolomics services. For more information or to customize our services to your needs, please reach out. Our experts are ready to provide professional support and tailored solutions.

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