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    Proteomics Based on MS Analysis Service

      Proteomics is the study of the complete set of proteins expressed within cells, tissues, or individuals. With the advent of mass spectrometry (MS)-based protein analysis technologies, large-scale protein profiling has become widely accessible. Proteomics encompasses diverse processes such as protein expression profiling, protein modifications, protein-protein interactions, protein structures, and protein functions. The outcomes derived from these endeavors facilitate the deciphering of disease processes, offer insights into disease diagnosis and prognosis, aid in drug development, and provide a foundation for biological discoveries. The revolutionary application of MS in proteomics is propelling scientific research to new heights. Through its unparalleled precision and sensitivity, we can delve into the intricate world of proteins with unprecedented depth. When coupled with advanced liquid chromatography (LC) techniques, this platform enables precise quantification of thousands of protein expression patterns and captures subtle alterations in the proteome under specific conditions, thereby opening up new avenues for the exploration of life sciences.



      Kwon, YW, et al. Front Med (Lausanne). 2021.

      Figure 1. the Workflow of Proteomics Analysis


      Service at MtoZ Biolabs

      In our research, the top-down proteomics approach has undergone a revolutionary breakthrough. Our team of scientists has blazed a new trail, transcending the limitations of traditional protein sequencing by adopting an innovative strategy that involves the sequential degradation of proteins using a diverse array of non-specific proteases. This innovation significantly enriches the diversity of proteolytic products and enhances the degree of peptide sequence overlap, enabling us to decipher the complete protein sequences with unprecedented coverage. The uniqueness of this method lies in its flexibility and depth, as it overcomes sequencing blind spots arising from enzyme cleavage site restrictions, revealing more information hidden within complex protein structures. By continually optimizing the protease combinations and reaction conditions, our scientists ensure efficient degradation while maximizing the preservation of proteins' original characteristics and biological information, laying a solid foundation for subsequent high-resolution mass spectrometry analysis.


      In conclusion, our research not only represents a significant leap forward in proteomics analysis technology but also provides a powerful tool for deepening our understanding of protein functions and regulatory mechanisms within organisms. This innovative practice will continue to propel the advancement of life sciences research, offering new hopes for human health and disease treatment.


      MtoZ Biolabs boasts a dedicated team of biological scientists, comprising researchers experienced in proteomics, who offer an array of proteomics and bioinformatics analysis services, including protein identification, PTM analysis, glycoproteomics, and peptidomics, catering to diverse research needs. Leveraging our extensive biological expertise and data analysis experience, we provide tailored mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis solutions. For free consultations and detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical specialists are available to provide complimentary business evaluations.


      Service Advantages

      1. Comprehensive Solution: We offer a one-stop service, encompassing based on MS protein identification service, PTM analysis service, glycoproteomics analysis service, peptidomic analysis service.


      2. Superior Accuracy: Leveraging advanced mass spectrometry (MS) technology, we ensure error-free proteomics analysis for precise results.


      3. Comprehensive Service Capabilities: We provide comprehensive computational proteomics analysis and delve into biological information, presenting detailed and multidimensional data interpretations to support every step of scientific exploration.


      Special Note: For personalized or specific research needs, we offer customized analysis services. Please contact us anytime to discuss and tailor a research plan exclusive to your requirements.



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