Protein Modifications and Metabolome Study in Plants

    Plant stem veins are essential organs within the plant body, bearing the responsibility of nutrient and water transportation while serving as a crucial foundation for plant growth and development. Post-translational modifications (PTMs) and metabolomics in plant stem veins are important means for studying their functions. PTMs refer to proteins that undergo functional changes by adding chemical groups after protein translation, while metabolomics refers to the summation of all metabolites within the cell during specific physiological processes.


    MtoZ Biolabs has established an integrated analysis platform for PTMs and metabolomics in plant stem veins using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). This service combines the identification of PTMs such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, ubiquitination, acetylation, methylation, disulfide bonds, and nitrosylation, with targeted and non-targeted metabolomics analysis of plant samples. With customizable bioinformatics analysis methods, we provide an integrated analysis service of PTMs and metabolomics based on mass spectrometry for researchers. An accurate localisation and precise measurement of PTMs and metabolites in plant stem veins can offer an in-depth understanding of its functions and physiological processes.



    1. Research on Plant Stem Vein Development and Functions

    2. Plant Pathophysiology Research

    3. Plant Stress Resistance Research

    4. Development of Plant Growth Regulators


    With accurate and efficient research services, MtoZ Biolabs provides robust technical support in the field of plant science research. Our team of experts possesses a solid background in proteomics and extensive experimental experience, offering customized solutions for each client. MtoZ Biolabs looks forward to collaborating with you in advancing research and development in the field of biological science.

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