Protein Measurement in Strawberries via Amino Acid Analysis

    In modern agricultural production and food science, understanding the nutritional value of crops, especially fruits like strawberries, is significant for enhancing their market value, satisfying consumers' health needs, and guiding agricultural production. Strawberries are widely popular for their unique flavor, high nutritional value, and numerous health benefits. Amongst them, protein, an essential component of strawberries' nutritional content, not only affects their taste and nutritional value but is also a crucial indicator in evaluating their quality. Therefore, accurately determining the protein content in strawberries has practical significance for agricultural production, food processing, and nutritional health research.


    The measurement of protein content based on the Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) method is a scientific and accurate method. It indirectly determines the protein content by measuring the total amount of amino acids in the sample. This method involves hydrolyzing protein samples into individual amino acids, which are then quantitatively analyzed using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This method avoids the influence of other components on the measurement results, having high accuracy and reliability. Since this technology has no restrictions on protein types and forms, it can be used to measure proteins of any source and various properties.


    MtoZ Biolabs has established a protein content determination platform based on the amino acid analysis method and high-resolution liquid chromatography technology. We provide accurate, reliable, and one-stop protein content determination services for strawberry fruit. All you need to do is providing the sample, and the rest, from protein to data analysis, will be done by MtoZ Biolabs.


    Service Advantages

    1. High Accuracy

    The amino acid analysis method directly measures the amino acid content that makes up the protein, avoiding the possible non-protein nitrogen interference in traditional protein content determination methods, thus enhancing the accuracy of the determination results.


    2. High Sensitivity

    Advanced chromatographic analysis technology can detect extremely low concentrations of amino acids, ensuring high sensitivity in protein content determination.


    3. Strong Operability

    The entire determination process is highly standardized and automated, reducing human errors during operation and ensuring the repeatability and reliability of the results.


    4. Wide Applicability

    It applies to various types of samples, including fresh fruits, freeze-dried fruits, juices, and processed foods, etc., satisfying the needs of different research and production.


    MtoZ Biolabs has extensive experience and technical accumulation in the field of protein content determination based on the amino acid analysis method. We are dedicated to providing accurate and efficient protein content determination services for our clients. Our technical team not only masters advanced chromatographic analysis technology but can also offer personalized solutions and technical support based on specific customer needs. Feel free to consult!

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