Colorimetric Analytical Based Protein Content Analysis Service

    The determination of protein content is a fundamental task in protein-related bioscience, medical research, and biopharmaceutical fields. Despite various complex and high-precision analytical techniques, colorimetric analysis is widely used in protein content determination due to its simplicity, convenience, and low cost. The coomassie brilliant blue (Bradford) and BCA methods are the most commonly used colorimetric analysis methods. They utilize specific reagents to react with proteins solution, then the absorbance of the solution is measured to estimate the protein content. The BCA method has high sensitivity, a wide applicable concentration range, and strong anti-interference ability; it is not easily affected by general concentration detergents. The Bradford method is simple, quick, and consumes less sample size. These techniques provide convenient and feasible methods for determining protein content.


    MtoZ Biolabs has established an efficient protein content determination platform based on the principles of colorimetric analysis, with complete capabilities for protein content methodology development, validation, and testing. Our services are not limited to measurement activities but also include sample processing, reaction condition optimization, and data interpretation and analysis, to ensure you receive accurate and reliable results. Whether your application scenario is basic scientific research, drug development, or production process monitoring, MtoZ Biolabs can provide you with comprehensive services to meet your needs.



    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Relevant Mass Spectrometry Parameters

    3. Detailed information on protein content determination based on colorimetric analysis

    4. Mass Spectrometry Images

    5. Raw Data

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