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    Polyprenols are long-chain isoprenoid alcohols. The general formula for polyprenols is H-(C5H8)n-OH, where n refers to the number of isoprene units. Polyprenols are classified into three types: all-trans (solanesol-type), two-trans (Solanesol-type) and poly-cis (Betulaprenol-type), and three-trans and poly-cis (Ficaprenol-type). Despite their low content, polyprenols are natural bioregulators present in many plant tissues. Dolichols, which are 2,3-dihydro derivatives of polyprenols, are found in all living organisms, including humans.


    Polyprenols have been found in various foods, such as tea, wine, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil. Research has shown that polyprenols can stimulate the immune system and have anti-stress, adaptogenic, antiulcerogenic, and wound-healing effects. Dolichols have demonstrated antioxidant activity, protecting cells from oxidative stress. Furthermore, polyprenols play a significant role in preventing and reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.


    MtoZ Biolabs employs robust, reproducible, and sensitive systems for the separation, characterization, identification, and quantification of polyprenols, ensuring reliable, rapid, and cost-efficient analyses. Free project evaluation!
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