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    Plant Leaf Exudate Non Targeted Metabolomics

      In the field of plant science research, understanding and analyzing the metabolome composition of plant leaves is key to understanding their physiological status, adaptive ability to environmental changes, and biosynthetic pathways. In recent years, exosome untargeted metabolomics as a new research field, provides a new perspective for us to deeply explore the metabolic mechanism of plant leaves. Exosomes are small vesicles released by cells into the extracellular environment, containing a variety of biomacromolecules such as proteins, lipids, and RNA, reflecting the physiological state of the cell. Untargeted metabolomics analysis refers to the broad scanning and analysis without pre-setting specific metabolites, aiming to reveal as much metabolite information in the sample as possible.


      MtoZ Biolabs is at the forefront of plant science research, developing a plant leaf exosome untargeted metabolomics analysis platform. This platform uses advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), combined with powerful data processing and analysis algorithms, to provide researchers with comprehensive and in-depth plant metabolite information, thus deepening the understanding of plant physiological functions and ecological adaptability.



      1. Environmental Adaptability Research

      By analyzing the metabolite changes of plant leaf exosomes under different environmental stresses (such as drought, salt stress, parasitic attacks), reveal the adaptation mechanisms of plants.


      2. Variety Improvement

      Identify key metabolites related to plant growth and development, and resistance, to provide a theoretical basis for plant breeding and genetic engineering.


      3. Plant-Microbe Interactions

      Analyze how metabolites in plant leaf exosomes affect the structure and function of rhizosphere microbial communities, thereby affecting plant health and growth.


      4. Plant Metabolic Engineering

      By deeply understanding the metabolome composition of plant leaf exosomes, provide information on target metabolites for synthetic biology and plant metabolic engineering, optimizing the production of metabolic products.


      Service Advantages

      1. Comprehensiveness and High Sensitivity

      Through untargeted metabolomics analysis, we can detect hundreds to thousands of metabolites in plant leaf exosomes, including but not limited to lipids, small molecule metabolites, and secondary metabolites, which can be detected even at extremely low concentrations.


      2. Efficient Sample Processing

      Our sample processing process has been specially optimized to ensure efficient extraction of exosomes from plant leaves and to maximize the preservation of their metabolite components.


      3. Advanced Data Analysis Platform

      Equipped with advanced data processing and bioinformatics tools, capable of quickly analyzing large-scale data, identifying and quantifying metabolites, followed by statistical analysis and metabolic pathway mapping.


      4. Customized Research Solutions

      Provide customized analysis plans according to different research purposes and objectives, including environmental stress response, variety improvement, biosynthesis pathway research, etc.


      MtoZ Biolabs' plant leaf exosome untargeted metabolomics analysis platform not only provides unprecedented depth and breadth for plant science research, but also brings new research perspectives and application possibilities for industries such as agriculture, environmental protection, and biopharmaceuticals. Our team is made up of experienced experts and scientists with a deep understanding of plant science and metabolomics. MtoZ Biolabs looks forward to becoming your trusted partner to jointly promote the development and progress of plant science research. For more details and service information, please feel free to contact us.

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