Peptide Synthesis

    MtoZ Biolabs operates a leading-edge platform for peptide synthesis, equipped with several automated peptide synthesizers, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems, and mass spectrometers. This setup ensures the delivery of high-quality peptide products with rapid turnaround and competitive pricing. Since 2007, the company has built a synthesis team comprising several doctor and master organic chemists, delivering over 100,000 high-quality customized peptides to scientists and R&D staff across numerous countries. With extensive experience in peptide synthesis, MtoZ Biolabs offers both standard linear peptide synthesis and customized services for complex, modified, and specialised peptides. The company emphasizes quality control of peptides for mass spectrometry, synthesizing product to meet specific client needs.


    Principle of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis

    Peptide synthesis at MtoZ Biolabs primarily utilizes the Fmoc method, which employs Fmoc as the α-amino protecting group and benzyl alcohol derivatives for side chain protection. The process involves covalently linking an Fmoc-protected amino acid to a resin, followed by Fmoc removal with base sulution and neutralization of the free amino terminus with triethylamine. Subsequent amino acids are activated and coupled using DCC, with deprotection typically performed by either HF or TFMSA (trifluoromethanesulfonic acid).


    Service Advantages

    1. Quality

    Each peptide undergoes rigorous testing, with detailed quality reports including COA, HPLC, and MS.


    2. Success Rate

    Success rate exceeds 98%, surpassing industry standards.


    3. Delivery Time

    Approximately two weeks, the specific time varies with long peptide and large-scale samples.


    4. Synthesis Length

    Capable of producing linear peptides up to 100 amino acids.


    5. Quantity

    Scale ranges from milligrams to kilograms.


    6. Purity

    Options include crude/desalted, with levels from > 75% to > 98%.


    7. Modifications

    Available modifications include phosphorylation (Ser/Thr/Tyr), cyclization, fluorescent labeling (5(6)-FAM, FITC, CY5, Rhodamine B, PNA, EDNAS/dabcyl), and biotinylation (biotin, Lys (biotin)/multiplexed antigen (MAP)/D-containing amino acids), among others.


    8. Confidentiality

    Confidentiality agreements are available upon request.


    9. Isotope Labeling

    We specialize in 13C/15N labeled peptides.


    Peptide Purity Options

    1. MS-Grade: Typically purity > 95%.

    2. Antibody Screening: Purity > 85%.

    3. NMR and Crystallization: Purity > 98%.

    4. Crude Peptide: Generally purity > 50%.

    5. Other Requirements: Dedicated customer service is guaranteed.

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