Peptide Identification Service

    • • Mass Spectrometry-Based Peptide Identification Service

      Peptides, structurally akin to proteins, are molecules composed of amino acid sequences. They play pivotal roles in regulating blood pressure, modulating pain perception, and managing glucose metabolism, yet are significantly smaller than proteins. Endogenous peptides typically arise from the cleavage of precursor proteins by various enzymes. Research into the collective peptide expression under specific physiological conditions is termed peptidomics.  

    • • Peptide Biomarker Discovery & Validation Service

      Biomarkers are measurable traits that serve as indicators of normal biological activities, disease processes, or pharmacological responses to therapeutic interventions. Peptides are particularly suitable as biomarkers due to their ability to circulate among various body compartments. Many disease processes can be inferred from the characteristic peptide profiles and pathological changes observed in different body fluids.

    • • Peptide Structure Determination Service

      Peptides are abundant in living organisms, actively participating in key biological processes such as hormone regulation, enzyme catalysis, and immune responses. Their spatial structure and functional features greatly influence their biological activity. Accurately determining peptide structures is essential for understanding peptide folding patterns, bioactivity, and structural features. It also informs drug development and bioengineering optimization.

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