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    Nanopore Protein Sequencing Service

      Nanopore protein sequencing, an innovative single-molecule sensing technology, offers cost-effective and highly efficient alternatives to conventional biomolecular detection methods. Through a nanopore sensor, this approach facilitates the high-precision detection and exact identification of protein sequences at the molecular level. Employing electrophoresis, proteins sequentially transverse the nanopore, with real-time monitoring of ionic current fluctuations enabling detailed protein analysis.


      At MtoZ Biolabs, we leverage nanopore technology integrated with sophisticated machine learning algorithms and an extensive proteomics database to offer streamlined protein fingerprinting services. Our adoption of amino acid labeling enhances both the precision and control of the sequencing process, ensuring accurate amino acid sequencing of individual protein molecules.


      Service Advantages

      High Sensitivity and Specificity: Capable of distinguishing between amino acid residues within complex biological samples.


      Repeated Reading Capability: Enables multiple readings of the same peptide chain, significantly improving sequence identification accuracy.


      Real-time Analysis: Facilitates the immediate processing and analysis of protein sequences, reducing the experimental timeframe.


      Label-free Approach: Eliminates the need for prior chemical modification of proteins, simplifying experimental protocols.



      Unique Applications of Nanopore Protein Sequencing Compared to Traditional Biological Sequencing:


      Single-Molecule Anomaly Detection: Detects minuscule amounts of abnormal proteins in genetic disorders, such as unique light chains in light chain amyloidosis, surpassing traditional detection thresholds.


      Real-Time Dynamic Monitoring: Tracks specific protein modifications during cancer treatments in real-time, providing instant feedback, for example, by monitoring shifts in phosphorylation levels.


      Extreme Environment Protein Analysis: Achieves accurate protein sequencing in extreme conditions, studying microbial adaptations in environments like hot springs or the deep sea.


      Non-Standard Amino Acid Detection: Identifies and differentiates unusual amino acids like phosphoserine, aiding in the exploration of proteins' biochemical characteristics.


      Multi-Level Protein Information Analysis: Beyond sequencing, nanopore technology offers insights into protein functional modifications and variations, enhancing the understanding of protein interactions and functionalities.


      For inquiries or interest in MtoZ Biolabs' nanopore protein sequencing services, please contact us. We are eager to collaborate and advance the field of proteomics together.


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