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    Mouse Cell Surface Proteomics

      Mouse cells, due to their similarity to human cells in terms of genes and functions, serve as model organisms and have an irreplaceable position in multiple scientific research fields. They are widely used in various biomedical research, including oncology, immunology, neuroscience, etc. Cell surface proteins (CSP) serve as key mediators for cell communication with the external environment, and their expression and regulation hold significant biological importance. In-depth proteomic research on mouse cell surface proteins not only aids in understanding their functions under physiological and pathological conditions but may also provide valuable information for related human disease research.


      Technical Interpretation

      MtoZ Biolabs provides a comprehensive and efficient analysis platform for mouse cell surface proteomics with advanced mass spectrometry technology and bioinformatics tools:


      The first step in studying CSP involves separating these proteins from the whole mouse cell. Various strategies are used to enrich CSP, including (i) differential centrifugation, (ii) density gradient centrifugation, and (iii) affinity-based enrichment methods such as streptavidin-biotin, antibody-antigen, and lectin-sugar. We can combine centrifugation with affinity or chemical enrichment techniques to effectively remove abundant cytoplasmic proteins and enhance selectivity for CSP.


      The second crucial step is the dissolution of CSP, typically using detergents (SDS), denaturants (urea, etc.), extreme pH solutions (NaCO, etc.), high ionic strength (KCl, NaCl, etc.), organic matters (CHOH, CHCl, etc.) to dissolve CSP.


      Proteomics technology is undoubtedly the most critical step in deeply and accurately identifying and quantifying CSPs. Various mature technologies have been established in the field of quantitative proteomics, including SILAC, iTRAQ / TMT, Label-free, DIA, and targeted quantitative proteomics (SRM/MRM, PRM). With a mature platform of quantitative protein technology, we can provide various different protein quantification technologies to meet different scientific needs, and can even assist in cell culture for SILAC quantitative proteomics.


      Service Advantages

      1. High Resolution

      With optimized sample preparation methods and mass spectrometry analysis procedures, we can cover the majority of mouse cell surface proteins, including transmembrane proteins, glycoproteins, lipid-anchored proteins, etc.


      2. High Throughput

      Through automated sample handling and parallel analysis technology, we ensure high-throughput analysis of a large number of samples in the shortest period. This is especially important for clinical trials and large-scale disease screening.


      3. High Accuracy

      By using various isotopic labels and rich database resources, combined with MRM scanning mode and other advanced mass spectrometry technologies, we can ensure high accuracy and reliability of data.


      4. Strict Quality Control

      Our quality control system meets the CNAS/ISO9001 dual certification standards, including strict sample tracking, data verification, and result interpretation, achieving full-chain quality control throughout the entire analysis process.



      1. Drug Development & Target Screening

      Comprehensive analysis of mouse cell surface proteins can provide a basis for the identification and verification of drug targets.


      2. Disease Mechanism Research

      Cell surface proteomics can reveal the expression and regulation mechanisms of mouse cell surface proteins under various disease conditions.


      3. Physiological Status Monitoring

      In states such as tumors, infections, neurodegenerative diseases, changes in cell surface proteins can serve as indicators for early diagnosis and disease progression.


      Our team of experts has extensive experience in cell biology and proteomics experiments. Our goal is to provide customized solutions for each client to meet the diverse research needs in the field of biomedicine. Free project evaluation,Welcome to learn more details!

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