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    Microalgal mRNA 3' poly(A) tail Analysis

      Chlamydomonas, a unicellular photosynthetic microalgae widely found in freshwater and oceans, has attracted great attention in the scientific community due to its huge potential in bioenergy production, CO2 fixation and synthesis of high-value bioactive substances. In recent years, with the rapid development of molecular biology and genetic engineering technology, researchers have started to explore the gene expression regulation mechanism of Chlamydomonas, aiming to improve its production efficiency and economic value through genetic improvement. In this field of research, the analysis of mRNA 3' poly(A) tailing, as an important technical method, provides us with a new perspective and method to deeply understand the gene expression of Chlamydomonas.


      With its profound accumulation in the field of biotechnology, MtoZ Biolabs has launched a high-end technical service specifically for the analysis of Chlamydomonas mRNA 3’ poly(A) tailing. This technology precisely measures the length and sequence of the 3' end poly(A) tail of mRNA, helps researchers reveal the regulation mechanism of Chlamydomonas gene expression, optimize genetic engineering strategies, and thus enhance its application potential in bioenergy and bioproduct production. Based on the high-resolution platform of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry


      Analysis Workflow

      1. RNase T1 Enzyme Cuts mRNA

      2. Poly(A) Enrichment and Purification

      3. Elution and Freeze-Drying

      4. High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Detection


      Service Advantages

      1. High Sensitivity Detection

      With the cutting-edge high-throughput sequencing technology and professional RNA extraction and purification methods, even in low-abundance mRNA samples, the poly(A) tail can be accurately captured and analyzed, ensuring the high sensitivity and reliability of the results.


      2. Accurate Length and Sequence Information

      It can not only measure the accurate length of poly(A) tail, but also provide detailed information of tail sequence, providing important data for studying mRNA stability, translation efficiency and mRNA degradation mechanism in Chlamydomonas.


      3. Wide Range of Applications

      This technology is not limited to specific kinds of Chlamydomonas and is suitable for various kinds of Chlamydomonas genus, including those with high application value in bioenergy production, providing customized analysis services for different research projects.


      4. In-Depth Bioinformatics Analysis

      Equipped with an advanced bioinformatics analysis platform, it can deeply interpret the poly(A) tailing data, revealing the complex network of gene expression regulation in Chlamydomonas, providing a scientific basis for genetic improvement.


      The expert team at MtoZ Biolabs has extensive research experience and advanced technical platforms in Chlamydomonas. We are committed to providing high-quality, efficient, and mRNA 3’ Poly(A) length and distribution analysis services to researchers worldwide. We invite scholars and researchers around the world to contact us for more service details.

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