Ionomics Analysis Service

    The ionome refers to the complete set of ions in an organism, including all metals, metalloids, and non-metals. High-throughput elemental analysis techniques now enable the simultaneous quantification of multiple elements. Changes in an organism's ionome can result from external environment or internal physiological conditions. Ionomics is the study of the element composition, distribution, and accumulation within an organism, as well as the mechanisms behind changes in these elements due to physiological states, developmental stages, and environmental influences. Ionome analysis quantitatively assesses ionome changes in various tissues and cells under different stimuli, developmental stages, and genetic variations, reflecting the organism's physiological characteristics in specific conditions.


    MtoZ Biolabs utilizes a high-throughput elemental analysis platform to provide ionomics analysis services for researchers.


    Analysis Workflow



    Murugaiyan, V. et al . Rice (N Y). 2019.

    Figure 1. Ionomics Analysis


    Service Advantages

    1. Experienced technical personnel can provide a complete set of professional services, including experimental design, sample testing, data analysis, etc.

    2. Clear process, reducing unnecessary samples and time waste, and short analysis time.

    3. MtoZ Biolabs has an independent bioinformatics analysis platform, which can provide advanced customized analysis in addition to conventional analysis.

    4. Proteomics, metabolomics and other multi omics analysis platforms in MtoZ Biolabs

    can conduct integrated analysis of multiple omics, improving the quality of articles.

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