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    Identification of Human Cell Peptide Mass Spectrometry

      In modern biomedical research, the identification and quantification analysis of human cell peptides are crucial for understanding cell functions, disease mechanisms, and new drug development. Peptides, as key molecules of intracellular and extracellular communication, participate in regulating various biological processes, including cell proliferation, differentiation, death, and immune response. Therefore, accurately identifying and quantifying the peptidome in cells is of great significance in revealing the molecular mechanisms of diseases and discovering new therapeutic targets.


      MtoZ Biolabs has developed a high-throughput, high-sensitivity method for human cell peptide mass spectrometry identification and quantification analysis. This method is based on the latest liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology, combined with innovative sample pre-processing techniques and optimized data analysis algorithms. This provides a powerful analytical tool for biomedical research.


      Service Advantages

      1. High Sensitivity and High Accuracy

      By adopting advanced mass spectrometry equipment and meticulous sample preprocessing workflows, this method can detect peptides as low as picomolar levels and accurately identify peptide sequences, ensuring high sensitivity and high accuracy of experimental results.


      2. High-Throughput Analysis

      The optimized LC-MS/MS analysis process and automated sample handling platform make it possible for large-scale sample analysis, greatly improving experimental efficiency and meeting the needs of high-throughput biomedical research.


      3. Wide Range of Applications

      This technology is not only suitable for basic biomedical research, such as cell signaling and proteomics research, but also for clinical research, including the discovery of disease biomarkers and the identification of drug targets.


      4. Strict Quality Control

      Multiple quality control standards, including internal standards, reference materials, and quality control samples, ensure the reliability and repeatability of the analysis results.



      1. Disease Mechanism Research

      By identifying and quantifying the peptidome of cells under different pathological conditions, the molecular mechanisms of diseases can be revealed, providing a molecular basis for early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


      2. Proteomics and Cell Biology Research

      Analyzing the expression profile of intracellular and extracellular peptides to explore the role of peptides in cellular life activities, such as cell communication, signal transduction, etc.


      3. New Drug Development

      Identify key peptides related to diseases as potential targets or therapeutic strategies for new drug development.


      In summary, the human cell peptide mass spectrometry identification and quantification analysis method developed by MtoZ Biolabs, with its high sensitivity, high throughput, wide range of applications, and strict quality control, provides strong technical support for biomedical research and new drug development. With further optimization and application of this technology, it is expected to play an increasingly important role in the field of biomedicine.

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