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    Polysaccharides are macromolecular carbohydrates composed of multiple monosaccharide units linked by glycosidic bonds, often comprising hundreds or even thousands of these units. Along with nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids, polysaccharides are one of the four fundamental biomolecules, playing crucial roles in various biological processes. They exhibit a range of biological activities, such as immune modulation, anti-tumor effects, blood sugar and lipid reduction, antiviral properties, free radical scavenging, and anti-aging effects. These biological activities are closely related to their physicochemical properties, making polysaccharide characterization essential.


    The identification and analysis of polysaccharides focus on determining their composition, structure, molecular weight, and content. Given their complexity, a variety of analytical techniques are employed. Typically, the monosaccharide composition, linkage positions, and sequences are determined first. Subsequently, the anomeric configuration, ring size (furanose or pyranose), absolute configuration (D or L), and any other substituents are identified. No single method can independently perform a complete polysaccharide analysis. Therefore, techniques such as separation and extraction, component analysis, methylation analysis, glycoside hydrolysis, mass spectrometry (MS), and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy are combined to elucidate the fine structure. Additionally, size exclusion chromatography (SEC) coupled with a light scattering (LS) detector is used to determine molecular size distribution.


    MtoZ Biolabs has developed and validated comprehensive methods for polysaccharide identification based on polysaccharide analytical principles. We can independently perform the entire polysaccharide analysis process, including extraction and purification, molecular weight determination, content measurement, component identification, and structural analysis, providing a high-quality, one-stop service. Free project evaluation, welcome to learn more details! Our technical specialists are available to provide a free business assessment.



    In the technical report, MtoZ Biolabs will provide you with detailed technical information, including:

    1. Experimental Procedures

    2. Relevant Mass Spectrometry Parameters

    3. Detailed Information on Polysaccharide Identification

    4. Mass Spectrometry Images

    5. Raw Data

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