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    HPLC Peptide Profile Analysis of Adipose Tissue

      In contemporary biomedical research, adipose tissue is no longer simply regarded as a passive tissue for energy storage but is recognized as a highly active endocrine organ that plays a key role in maintaining metabolic balance and immune regulation. With the deepening understanding of metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, the function and mechanism study of adipose tissue has received unprecedented attention. To further explore the role of adipose tissue in health and disease, it is necessary to perform precise analysis of its proteome composition. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) peptide mapping analysis technology, a precise protein analysis method, provides powerful technical support for proteomic research of adipose tissue.


      MtoZ Biolabs, based on Waters HPLC, has established a peptide mapping analysis platform with complete method development, validation, and detection capabilities, providing professional services for proteome analysis of adipose tissue. This technology can precisely separate and identify proteins and their peptides in adipose tissue, providing key molecular-level information for studying their functions and disease associations.


      Experimental Equipment

      1. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UV Detector) (2695/2996)


      Service Advantages

      1.  High-Resolution Separation

      The high-performance liquid chromatography system has the features of high resolution and high sensitivity, which can effectively separate complex protein mixtures in adipose tissue, ensuring that each peptide can be accurately recognized and quantified.


      2. Wide Dynamic Detection Range

      Our technical platform can cover proteins in adipose tissue from high to low abundance, which is crucial for the discovery of disease biomarkers and key regulatory factors.


      3.  High Accuracy Quantification

      By using internal standard substances and advanced data analysis software, HPLC peptide mapping analysis technology can provide highly accurate quantitative information for proteins in adipose tissue, providing reliable data support for subsequent biological function research and disease mechanism exploration.


      4. In-Depth Bioinformatics Analysis

      Combined with bioinformatics analysis, we not only provide protein identification and quantification results, but also perform protein function annotation, pathway analysis, and protein network construction, helping customers understand the biological function of adipose tissue in depth.



      1. Metabolic Disease Research

      By analyzing the changes in proteome composition of adipose tissue in patients with obesity and diabetes, proteins and pathways related to diseases can be identified, providing scientific basis for the discovery of new therapeutic targets.


      2. Adipose Tissue Function Research

      To deeply explore the key proteins and regulatory mechanisms in adipocyte differentiation, adipogenesis, and lipolysis, and reveal the role of adipose tissue in energy balance and endocrine regulation.


      3. Drug Development and Toxicological Research

      Evaluating the effects of drugs and other chemicals on adipose tissue protein expression provides important data for drug safety assessment and toxicological research.


      The expert team at MtoZ Biolabs has a deep background in proteomics and rich experimental experience, committed to providing fast, accurate, and efficient HPLC peptide mapping analysis services. We warmly welcome researchers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies around the world to contact us. MtoZ Biolabs looks forward to being your reliable partner. Please feel free to consult us for more details and service information.

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