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    Glycosylation Site Analysis Service

      Glycosylation, a critical post-translational modification, involves attaching sugar chains to specific amino acid residues, profoundly influencing protein functionality including folding, stability, and interactions with other biomolecules. Crucial for normal cellular operations and linked to various diseases such as cancer, understanding glycosylation is vital, particularly in biopharmaceutical research where it yields essential insights into protein mechanisms.


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs

      At MtoZ Biolabs, we offer detailed glycosylation site analysis services using cutting-edge mass spectrometry to empower researchers and professionals to deeply understand glycoprotein functionalities. Our service includes:

      1. Site-Specific Glycosylation Analysis

      Utilizing specific enzymatic processes (primarily trypsin) coupled with glycopeptide isolation and mass spectrometric evaluation to pinpoint glycosylation sites.

      2. Comprehensive Glycosylation Coverage

      Employing broad-spectrum proteases, including both exo and endo types, allows us to overcome traditional method limitations, enhancing glycosylation site detection across proteins.



      Figure 1. Glycosylation Site Analysis


      Service Advantages

      1. Versatile Enzymatic Approaches: We deploy both targeted and broad-spectrum enzymatic methods to liberate glycopeptides effectively from various proteins.

      2. Advanced Spectrometric Techniques: Using technologies such as MALDI-TOF MS and nano-LC-ESI-MS/MS, we provide meticulous molecular identifications and in-depth structural analyses of glycopeptides.

      3. In-Depth Data Analysis: Our approach integrates technologies like HPAEC-PAD and HILIC-FLD, supporting comprehensive quantification and analysis of glycosylation patterns.



      This service supports numerous critical functions within the biopharmaceutical sector:

      1. Drug Development

      Ensuring glycosylation consistency and completeness in drug formulations.

      2. Glycosylation Profiling

      Defining and quantifying various glycosylation site types and their prevalence.

      3. Glycan Evaluation

      Assessing the structure and distribution of glycans to inform therapeutic strategies.

      4. Process Optimization

      Aiding in refining production techniques to boost the quality of pharmaceutical products.


      MtoZ Biolabs is dedicated to delivering accurate, reliable glycosylation analyses, enhancing drug development and assessment in the competitive pharmaceutical market. Our team, composed of seasoned experts, is always ready to provide technical support and tailored solutions to meet your specific research needs.

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