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    Glycan Analysis Service

      Glycosylation is a crucial post-translational modification of proteins, significantly influencing various physiological and pathological processes. It is implicated in diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and congenital glycosylation deficiencies. Protein glycosylation primarily includes N-glycosylation and O-glycosylation. N-glycosylation involves the attachment of N-acetylglucosamine to an asparagine (Asn) residue within a specific Asn-X-Ser/Thr residues, where X can be any amino acid residue except Pro. Conversely, O-glycosylation, characterized by shorter glycan chains, involves the attachment to serine (Ser) or threonine (Thr) residues and exhibits greater structural diversity.



      Krautter F, et al. Front Cell Dev Biol. 2021.

      Figure 1. N- and O-glycan Differ in Their Core Structure


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs

      In biotherapeutic development, protein glycosylation analysis is essential for monitoring critical quality attributes. MtoZ Biolabs employs state-of-the-art mass spectrometry techniques and high-resolution methodologies to deliver precise glycan analysis services. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge equipment, such as advanced Orbitrap mass spectrometers and specialized analytical software, to perform accurate glycosylation analysis.


      Our glycan analysis services encompass the release, purification, and derivatization of both N-linked and O-linked glycans. Utilizing advanced enzymatic methods (e.g., PNGase F) and chemical approaches (e.g., β-elimination and hydrazinolysis), we can extract and analyze glycans from diverse samples, including purified glycoproteins, tissue samples, and culture supernatants.


      Service Advantages

      MtoZ Biolabs' glycan analysis services offer several benefits:

      1. Rapid and Precise Results: We provide detailed analytical reports promptly.

      2. High Sensitivity and Reproducibility: Ensuring reliable and consistent experimental outcomes.

      3. Expert Consultation: Tailored advice from our experienced glycoproteomics specialists.

      4. Flexible Service Options: Customized research plans to meet specific project requirements.



      Our services are applicable to:

      1.Glycan Characterization and Quantification: Accurate identification and relative quantification of N/O-glycans in glycoproteins.

      2.Wide Range of Sample Types: Suitable for various biological samples, including cells, tissues, blood, and plant materials.


      Opting for MtoZ Biolabs' glycan analysis services ensures access to leading-edge technical expertise and scientific consultation, vital for the success of your research and production efforts. We are committed to providing precise and timely services to clients worldwide. Contact us for more detailed information about our services. We look forward to being your reliable partner!

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